Inbox by Gmail: Address like G+ Sharing

It seems the Inbox by Gmail team has been doing some tinkering lately. I recently discovered that you can address emails using the same technique as sharing posts in Google +. Just go into the body of the email, type +name and you will start to see a drop down of matching items. Just select the name and that address will be placed in the To: field of the email.  It should be noted, only the first 4 matches will be display, however you can enter any part of the name, first name, last name, middle name.

Note: If you delete that contact from the body of the email, it will also remove that contact as a recipient.

Pretty neat feature, however I don't truly see the benefit of having the recipient's name as a link in the body of the email as well as in the To: line of message. It makes me wonder if there are other plans for this feature as the development team further develops this concept.