Gmail: Access Multiple Gmail Accounts From One Logon

Do you have more than one Gmail account, but hate having to log in and out to get your messages for them? Well its pretty simple to setup multiple Gmail accounts for sending and receiving within one Gmail logon. This post will walk you through the steps and inform you of the options you have for organizing these emails.

First thing you need to do is choose which account you want to act as your "primary" account. In other words, which account do you want to use to log in for email? Once you make that decision, go to and log on to that account. To add the other accounts, follow the steps outlined below.

Receiving Emails

  1. Click on the Gear Icon on the top right and select settings.
  2. Select the Accounts and Import tab and scroll to Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section and select Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  3. Add the Gmail address you want to add and click Next Step

  4. The user name (the first part of the gmail address before @) will default in. 
  5. Enter the password of the account. Please note if you use 2-step Authentication, you must setup an app specific password and use that password to setup the account.
  6. POP Server details will default in for Gmail accounts so don't change these
  7. Select the options you want
    1. Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server will keep the emails on the account you are adding so if you ever want to log into that account separately, all the messages will still be there
    2. Always use a secure connection will default to Checked. I recommend leaving this setting checked
    3. Label incoming messages allows you to separate out the messages so you can identify that they are from an account you added and not the primary account. You can choose to label them with the name of the account you are adding, an existing label in your primary account, or create a new label
    4. Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) does exactly what it says. It imports the emails but does not show them in the Inbox. For you to locate these emails, you need to look in the All Mail folder. This is a nice feature if you are also using the Label option #3 above. This way the email is in the label with an unread count, but not inside the Inbox. as a result, combining options 3 and 4 together becomes a defacto second inbox inside your primary account.
  8. Click Add Account. This will bring you to a screen to give you the option to setup your account to be able to send emails from this account as well.  See below for the steps on setting up Sending from a new account.

Sending  Emails

  1. Click on the Gear Icon on the top right and select settings.
  2. Select the Accounts and Import tab and scroll to Send Mail as and select Add another email address you own
  3. Add the Gmail address you want to add click Next Step
  4. You will be prompted with a request to send a verification email to the other account.
  5. Check the other account for this email and note the verification code you received and enter that in the field on the next screen
That's all it takes. Now you will receive your other Gmail emails in this primary account and when sending emails, you have the option to select the address you want to send from while composing emails. During the compose, just click the down arrow next to the address in the From field and you can select the address you prefer.

What's great about this is once you set this up in Classic Gmail, it all works in the new Inbox by Gmail.

Hopefully this post simplified the process for you a little bit.


  1. I like your screenshot tool ;)
    ... and once you've followed these steps you can be notified of all new emails via Checker Plus for Gmail -

    1. Thanks Jason. I use a combination of Chromebook screen print and and extension called Explain and Send screenshots.

  2. I have two e-mail a/c but I want a single Google+ a/c for both of my e-mail ids. Is it possible ,sir?

    1. No each account is associated with only one Gmail address.

  3. There is no place in Inbox to see the setup. But when you click on compose or reply using the popout reply, click on the from email address and it will be a drop down with choices

  4. Hey there, thanks for the article. I have mine set up so I have one Gmail account checking 2 other accounts. I have filters set up too so that I have a "Sent" label for each account to be able to filter which mail was sent from which account too :)

    Anyway, I haven't figured out how to get notifications for new mails to the labels unfortunately. I'm skipping the inbox so they are in their appropriate label/folder, and although I can see the unread status of mails going to these on my Thunderbird client, I don't get a notification on my gmail or inbox app on my android phone. If you've figure this out, please share :)

  5. There is no way to get notifications for emails set to skip the inbox

    1. Thanks a lot for the reply. What a pity, I was sure I saw it somewhere before, but after looking again it appears I must have been imagining things.

      So when you have your account set up like this, you aren't getting notifications for the mail? Or do you not have them set to skip and they all go into the one inbox and then you move them to a label?

    2. Thanks again, will have a tinker around :)


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