Inbox by Gmail: Resnooze Emails

Here is a little neat feature that Inbox by Gmail offers that helps you quickly manage your emails that you have previously snoozed.  Have you ever snoozed an email, and received a response prior to the snoozed time? Inbox by Gmail provides a quick one click to resnooze the email back to the original snoozed time without having to go into the Snooze until...clock icon to choose when or where you would like to snooze the email again. What is really great about this feature is that it works with emails that are snoozed to a date/time and emails that are snoozed to a location.

What happens here is when you receive a reply to an email that was previously snoozed, you will have a banner presented under the subject of the email that says RESNOOZE (and the time or location). Just click on the banner and the email will be resnoozed accordingly.

See images below for examples: