Inbox: Third Party Apps

Updated 5/24/17: Added Item 43 through 46

I was going through the Chrome Webstore and discovered a bunch of third party extensions for Inbox by Gmail. This list will be updated periodically as new extensions are released. Please note, only those indicated by an (*) have been used and/or reviewed by me.

  1. (*)Proudctivity Suite: Mixmax
  2. (*) Signatures and more: Gmelius
  3. (*) Signatures: Google Inbox Signature Extension
  4. (*) Signatures: Wisestamp
  5. Signatures: Email Signature Rescue
  6. Inbox Checker: Google Inbox Unread
  7. Inbox Checker: Mail Checker for Google Inbox
  8. Inbox Checker: Inbox by Gmail Checker
  9. (*) Inbox Checker: Google Inbox Checker
  10. Inbox Checker: Simple Inbox Checker
  11. Inbox Checker: Checker Plus for Gmail
  12. Inbox Checker: Inbox Notifications
  13. Inbox Checker: Inbox Checker and Notifier
  14. Track emails: Google Inbox Tracker (Removed from Chrome Web Store)
  15. Backgrounds: Background for Inbox
  16. Background: Inbox-bg
  17. Background: Inbox Zero Fixed
  18. Background: Google Inbox Done Customizer
  19. Background: Google Inbox Photo Background
  20. Nav Background:Google Inbox Nav White
  21. Search Results Background: Different Looking Top Results
  22. FavIcon: Inbox Favicon Changer
  23. Reminders: Puts Inbox Reminder on Top
  24. Wrapper: Inbox by Gmail Wrapper
  25. (*) Custom Snooze Times: Snooze times Google Inbox (Not functioning properly)
  26. Tasks/Lists: Todoist for Inbox
  27. Tasks/Lits: Wunderlist for Gmail and Inbox
  28. Tasks/Lists: Handle
  29. BCC: Auto BCC for Gmail and Inbox by Gmail
  30. Canned Responses: Canned Responses for Google Inbox and Gmail
  31. Tweaks: Power Google Inbox
  32. Tweaks: GIFUC - Google Inbox Favicon Unread Count
  33. Tweaks: Inbox Assistant
  34. Tweaks: Remote Pin Switch for Inbox
  35. Tweaks: Hangouts Disabler
  36. Tweaks: MixMax Logo Shrinker
  37. Tweaks: Inbox Invite Button Remover
  38. Tweaks: Gmail 2 Inbox (I have no idea what this one does)
  39. Tweaks: Mark Unread
  40. Tweaks: Inbox Discord Skin
  41. Tweaks: Inbox When Ready
  42. Tweaks: All Mail Button
  43. Tweaks: Link to Contact's Page
  44. Tweaks: Google Calendar Button
  45. Tweaks: Google Keep Button
  46. Tweaks: Mark Unread
  47. Launcher: App Launcher for Inbox by Gmail (no longer working)
  48. Contacts: Full Contact 
If you know of any that I missed, please let me know and I will update this list.


  1. Hi, the ability to configure the columns in the inbox, and specifically being able to see the time stamp on the inbox list (not having to open each message) - these basic features are a must.
    Can't see how people will use this gmail service without these features.

  2. I have no idea as to what they mean to do

  3. An excellent resource - thank you.


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