Inbox: Common Actions Between Gmail and Inbox

Have you wondered how certain actions performed in Gmail effect Inbox by Gmail or vice versa? Some actions in Inbox are the same in Gmail, possibly with a different name, while other actions are similar.

Here is a brief table that shows the comparison:

In addition to the above commonalities published by Google, there have been additional similarities that have been discovered.  More similarities will be added to the list as they are discovered. Currently, the additional similarities include:
  • Pinning in Inbox is similar to "Move to Inbox" in Gmail
  • Pinning an email in Inbox with a reminder attached is similar to tasks


  1. Help me please. I can sign in to my Google account but there's no link to writing or reading gmail. Please respond to My Google name is

    1. Please post your issue in the Gmail Product forum where they can help you

  2. Was hoping to see a feature in inbox. We use calendar invites alot. Gmail allows you to respond to them and in the same dialog box shows you agenda for that day. Would like to see that feature in Inbox.


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