Well Hello There

Welcome to my newest endeavor - an attempt at a blog. Gosh I hope its a success and lots of people follow it.

I'll admit it upfront, right here, and right now. I am a huge fan of all things Google, from the web products, to the mobile devices, all the way up to the Chromebooks. Currently I have a 2013 Nexus 7, Nexus 5, Acer C720 Chromebook and I utilize the full suite of Google apps to the best of my ability.

Most recently, I have dove in head first with the new Inbox by Gmail. It has truly transformed the way I handle email. After a week of playing with the revolutionary way of handling and processing my email, I nervously took the huge plunge and deleted over 50 labels and sub-labels that I have been using for years to organize my personal and professional emails. But, I haven't once looked back or regretted that move.

As a newly designated Rising Star in the Google Gmail Help Forums, I have been inspired to help people better understand the workings of Gmail, Inbox and Contacts.  I spend much of my time here assisting those with questions regarding Inbox by Gmail, however I am quickly becoming more and more knowledgeable in both Classic Gmail and Inbox by Gmail.  Having said that, I must admit, a great deal of that knowledge has been obtained from the posts and assistants of the extremely helpful and knowledgeable Rising Stars, Top Contributors, Experts, and Googlers.

To help get this blog off and running, it would be great if readers would put in the comments what topics they may want to read about and I will do my best to put something together.