Inbox: What's Missing

Updated 06/14/2016: Items 7, 9, 10, 39, and 40 Resolved

Back on October 22, 2014, Google launched a new email product, aimed at revolutionizing the way we handle email. This was the vision when the original Gmail was launched and after years of analysis, Google decided it was time to shake things up again. Introduce Inbox by Gmail, a simplified, material design focused email portal.

Inbox by Gmail was launched as a Beta, invite only program, not necessarily to replace Classic Gmail, but rather give users an option to choose either Inbox by Gmail or Classic Gmail.  As of this writing, Inbox by Gmail remains in beta, requiring an invitation to access.  Nobody outside of the Gmail/Inbox team knows what the future holds for Inbox, or Gmail for that matter.

Inbox by Gmail is definitely not for everyone, as it is missing many features that users have come to rely in from Classic Gmail.  As an active participant in various Google + Communities, and as a Rising Star in the Google Gmail Product Forums, I have seen the same feature requests come up over and over again.  As a result, I have compiled what I think is a comprehensive list of requests and have provided this to Google via the Feedback link in Inbox by Gmail:
  1. Signatures - Resolved  
  2. Customization/Themes
  3. Easier Trash - Resolved
  4. Empty Trash - Resolved
  5. Option for swipe to done versus swipe to delete - Resolved
  6. Mark as read when marking as done
  7. Integration of Reminders into Web Version of Calendar - already exists for Mobile Calendar 5.0 - Resolved
  8. Ability to change notification sounds - Resolved on Android
  9. Save to Drive functionality - Resolved
  10. Attach from Drive functionality - Resolved
  11. Better print capabilities
  12. Copy and paste links in new email - Resolved  
  13. Undo Send - Resolved
  14. Add custom icon/color to Custom Bundles
  15. Mark spam as not spam Resolved
  16. Schedule send (although this is not technically available in Gmail either)
  17. Change time settings for snooze (Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week) Resolved
  18. Share contact from Android app. Currently gives error message unable to attach empty file
  19. Attach emails from Inbox to Calendar events
  20. Empty Spam - Resolved
  21. Ability to mark as unread - Sort of Resolved
  22. Ability to delete individual messages in a conversation thread
  23. Gmail Labs
  24. Bring back Quick Snooze for Morning and Afternoon
  25. Add to Trips -  Resolved
  26. Search Hangouts or Chats
  27. Offline capabilities
  28. Listen to WAV files without downloading
  29. Choose which icon options appear 
  30. Save All attachments
  31. Create trips manually - Sort of Resolved
  32. More Snooze options - Resolved
  33. Group Emailing
  34. Right Click Context Menu
  35. Create event from email - similar to Gmail
  36. Add Train Tickets to Trip Capabilities
  37. Create Contacts from within email
  38. Hide bundles from list - not delete
  39. View headers - Resolved
  40. View original -  Resolved
  41. Attach image by URL
  42. Ability to quote/reply inline when not in a popped out compose/reply window
  43. Control sizing of images
  44. Separate custom snooze times for weekends
Full disclosure: The list above is not necessarily my desired features, but a compilation of requests I have seen throughout the forums and communities. I switched completely from Classic Gmail to Inbox by Gmail and abandoned/deleted all of my Labels/Sub-Labels from Classic Gmail.  I have not looked back, other than to assist people on the Gmail forums. 


  1. Any options available for different "fonts"?

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Font support is needed and lack of it is one of my primary reasons for using other email clients.

    2. Yes, yes, yes! Font support is needed and lack of it is one of my primary reasons for using other email clients.

  2. Not at this time and nothing planned yet as far as I know. sorry.

  3. Creating hyperlinks? It's easy in the old interface.

    1. Emmet not sure what you mean. IN inbox if you type a url it become a hyperlink

  4. Maunal searching for new mails in added non-gmail account added into gmail (web and app). Searching about once per hour automaticaly is way too less when it's important.

    1. Are you referring to the frequency the system fetches? You can click on the word Inbox on the top left and it will do a refresh for you. But this is a factor that has been an issue in classic Gmail as well. The fetch timing is not able to be set and it usually speeds up the more often you get emails in that account.

    2. I mean what was in classic gmail in settings -> accounts and import whereyou could search for new mails from POP3 accounts manually

    3. Yeah the closest to that in Inbox is clicking on the word on top left. Otherwise you can use the settings in classic Gmail. Not all features of Gmail are expected to make there way into Inbox.

    4. yes, but that is the most useful in my opinion. I have integrated my other accounts in gmail to be able to see my mails on the go everywhere. But when I need to see if an important E-Mail has reached me in a few minutes, it is quite annoying to open gmail in browser, force desktop version because mobile version only shows the old one and go into the settings

    5. Agreed - but that is not an issue unique to Inbox - its an issue with Gmail as well.

  5. Mark events or notifications to calendar

  6. Ability to open MS Office files in Google Apps rather than just preview mode.

  7. Hmmm... Signatures not completely resolved. Inbox seems to place them below the quoted text (at the bottom of the email) in 'reply' emails rather than below the reply itself - unless I'm missing something?

    1. Not missing anything. The fact that I state it is resolved is that for a time there were no signature capabilities at all.

  8. Any plans for google to allow developers of Android Calendar apps to integrate Reminders?

    1. Currently calendar reminders are not included in the API, and not sure if that is on their list of things to add

  9. I would like to be able to auto forward an email to my wife's Gmail account, but I haven't found a way to do that if there is one. Any hope of seeing this ability on Inbox?

    1. If you setup forwarding in Classic gmail at those forwarding settings will be reflected in Inbox


    ​Regarding this article above, there should be a "create event" option under MORE, however, I do not see this "create event" option under 'MORE'. Any idea why?
    - Mo

    1. You should, but for troubleshooting this issue, please post in the Gmail Product Forum!forum/gmail


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