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*245+ (and growing) Google Tips*  #ScottTips


1. Text Editor:
2. Manage Autofill Entries:
3. Search Reminders in Chrome:
4. Multiple Accounts:


1. Restore Lost Contacts:
2. Contacts Updated:
3. New Contacts: 1-Click Email:
4. New Contacts: Sorting:
5. New Contacts: Remove G+ Circles from All Contacts:
6. New Contacts: Manage G+ Circles:
7. New Contacts: Select All:
8. New Contacts: Group Emailing:
9. Contact Groups: Create from an Email:
10. Group Emailing:
11. Importing Contacts:
12. Contact Cards in Gmail App:


1. Searching between two dates:
2. Undo Send:
3. Send Encrypted Mail:
4. Delete Single Message in Conversation View:
5. Deactivate Inbox Tabs:
6. Put a Plus in It:
7. Mute Messages:
8. Access Multiple Accounts From One Logon:
9. Search Gmail Using the Omnibox:
10. Search for Attachments:
11. Drag to Label:
12. App Specific Password:
13. Delete Gmail Account:
14. Exclude from Search:
15. Sort Gmail Oldest or Newest:
16. New Logon Process:
17. Select All:
18. Listen to Voicemail in Gmail:
19. View All Inbox Labels in Gmail:
20. Redirect Gmail to Inbox:
21. View Calendar in Gmail:
22. New PopUp Compose:
23. Multiple Label Searching:
24. Place Calls from Gmail:
25. Clear Search History:
26. Make Your Emails Fade Away:
27. Search and Print Hangouts Chats:
28. Gmail Android: Unsubscribe:
29. Block Sender:
30. Mixmax Full Email Productivity Suite:
31. Encryption Indicators:
32. Contact Cards in Gmail App:
33. Gmailify Your Non-Gmail Accounts:
34. Exchange Accounts Propose New Time:
35. Change Sender Name:
36. Vacation Responder:
37. Emoji Search:
38. Improved Bounce Messages:
39. Send and Receive Money:


1. Google Apps: Is it Down?:
2. Google Now: History View:
3. Customer Service:
4. Reverse Image Search:
5. How to Get Help:
6. About Me:
7. Search Within Communities:
8. Leave Product Feedback:
9. Importance of Backup Account Recovery Methods:
10. Inactive Account Manager:


1. Common Actions between Inbox and Gmail:
2. Signatures:
3. Searching between two dates:
4. Save to Google Drive:
5. Multiple Bundles:
6. Accessing Contacts:
7. Reminders:
8. Remove from SPAM:
9. Find Pending Reminders:
10. Resnooze Emails:
11. Third Party Apps:
12. Chrome Desktop Notifications:
13. Schedule Emails:
14. Mute Messages:
15. Delete:
16. Address Emails Like Sharing in G+: 
17. Cancel Recurring Reminders:
18. Custom Snooze Times:
19. Search Inbox Using the Omnibox:
20. Repeating Reminders:
21. Hide Attachment Thumbnails:
22. Search for Attachments:
23. Rapid Delete:
24. How to Update Assists:
25. Placing Calls from Inbox:
26. Composing in Color:
27. Exclude from Search:
28. View All Mail:
29. Longer Notifications:
30. Do Not Disturb:
31. Turn off Trips:
32. Reminders As Tasks:
33. Control Mobile Notifications:
34. Check for New Mail:
35. Widgets:
36. View All Inbox Labels in Gmail:
37. Redirect Gmail to Inbox:
38. Answer Cards:
39. Send and Receive Non Gmail Accounts:
40. Stop Emailing Yourself, Really:
41. Empty Spam:
42. Clear Reminder Attached to Email:
43. Find Snoozed Email in a Bundle:
44. Multiple Bundle Searching:
45. Return to Inbox from Contacts:
46. Clear Search History:
47. Make Your Emails Fade Away:
48. Group Emailing:
49. Rich Text Formatting:
50. Fix Conversation Threading and Trip Bundling:
51. Create Shortcut in Apps Launcher:
52. Copy/Paste Images:
53. Multiple Lines in Reminders:
54. Narrower Attachment Cards:
55. Mixmax Full Email Productivity Suite:
56. Custom Snooze Days:
57. Select Multiple:
58. Smart Replies:
59. ICS Attachment Smart Cards:
60. Set Inbox as Default Mail Program:
61. Share Trips:
62. Add to Trips:
63. Double Tap to Zoom:
64: Attachments:
65. Bundle Already Existing Emails:
66. Search Reminders in Chrome:
67. Understanding Low Priority:
68. Full Screen Compose:
69. Drag and Drop Attachments:
70. Manually Create Trips:
71. Mark Emails Unread:
72. Trips Offline:
73. Change Default Email:
74. Events Bundles:
75. Save to Inbox:
76. Newsletter Bundles:
77. Change Sender Name:
78. Show Original:
79. Edit Recipients:
80. Drive Integration:
81. Bundle in the Inbox without Rules:
82. Inbox: Delete Entire Bundle in the Inbox:
83. Vacation Responder:
84. Drag and drop recipients between address fields:
85. Google Apps for Education:
86. Create Google Calendar Event from Email:
87. Clear Search History:
88. Modify Trip Details:
89. Templates:
90. Templates for Better Signatures:
91. Improved Bounce Messages:
92. Reminders Add New Types:

*F. Keep*
1.  Reminders:
2. Repeating Reminders:
3. Remove Reminder:
4. Search Reminders in Chrome:
5. Shopping Lists: 

*G. Google Now*
1. Reminders:
2. Google Now: History View:
3. Now On Tap Screen Share:
4. Search Reminders in Chrome:

*H. Google Calendar*

1. Create Event from the Omnibox:
2. View Calender in Gmail:
3. Trash and Restore:
4. Add Week Numbers:
5. Search Reminders in Chrome:
6. Smart Event Suggestions:
7. Search Agenda in Chrome:
8. Hide Morning and Night Hours:
9. Goals:
10.  Reminders:
11. Switch Between Reminders and Tasks:
12. Custom View:
13. Dynamic Icon:
14. Restore Deleted Reminders:
15. Reminders Add New Types:

*I. Project Fi*
1. Signing up:
2. Transferring Your Phone Number:
3. How to Get Help:
4. Breaking Down the Bill:
5. Setting up Call Forwarding:
6. Check Call History:
7. Email Notifications of Voicemail:
8. Share Voicemails:
9. Data Usage Alerts:
10. Listen to Voicemail in Gmail:
11. Check Voicemail from Other Phones:
12. Custom Greetings:
13. Short Code Support Services:
14. What the Signal Symbols Mean:
15. Invite Tracking Tool:
16. Setting Up WiFi Hotspot:
17. Pay for What You Use:
18. Find/Lock/Wipe/Ring Lost Device:
19. Stop Telemarketing Calls:
20. Tips to Save on Data:
21. Manually Switch Carriers:
22. Call Blocking:
23. Download Voicemails:
24. NYC WiFi Hotspots:
25. Manage Greetings in App:
26. Send/Receive Emails via Text Message:
27. Clear Unread Voicemail Count:
28. Change Device Name:
29. Change Data Plan:
30. Do Not Disturb:
31. Call and Text History:
32. Voice Features and Project Fi:
33. Backup Payments:
34. Homescreen Widget:
35. Block Caller ID:
36. Third Carrier Added (US Cellular):
37. Cancel Device Protection:
38. Opinion: Network Switching Apps Bad for Project Fi:
39. Great for Beta Testers/Phone Reviewers:
40. Group plans:
41. App Data Usage:
42. Remove Group Member:

*J. Hangouts*

1. Search and Print Hangouts Chats:
2. Present PPT Slide Shows:

*K. Drive*

1. Add Reminders to Documents:

 L. Duo*

1. Google Duo: Why? My Opinion:
2. Setup:
3. Blocking:
4. Knock Knock Mode:
5. Finding and Calling Contacts:
6. Inviting People:
7. Missed Call Indicator:
8. Voice Only Calls:

 M. Google Play*
1. Free Money:

 N. Google Assistant*
1. Shopping Lists: 
2. IFTTT Integration:
3. Customize Settings:
4. Pixel Google Assistant Smart Home:
5. Google Express through Google Home:

 O. Android/Pixel*

1. Night Mode/Night Light:
2. Pixel Google Assistant Smart Home:
3. Share Voicemail:

*Additional Resources*

1. Gmail Community on G+:
2. Gmail Product Help Forum:
3. Inbox by Gmail: What's Missing:
4. Gmail/Inbox Tips Collection:
5. Project Fi Google Plus Collection:
6. Inbox by Gmail Product Help Forum:
7. Inbox by Gmail Community on G+:
8. Inbox Zero in Three Steps:
9. My YouTube Channel:

*About Scott*:



  1. I am looking forward to reading, well, everything I possibly can that you have to say. New is a very kind word, but the more I 'move around' G+ the most amazing people are ready to help. Thank you!

  2. Jake, thanks so much. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and circle me on Google + to get this information quicker as I update hem.

  3. Hi,

    I cannot see my inbox or read my email ... what to do? its a gmail account

  4. Farrah - post in the Google Plus Help Community and you will receive excellent support.!categories/gmail

  5. Scott,

    Can I have your permission to print these pages for reference?

    Any idea how to print all, or do I have to print each topic individually?

  6. I apologize if I've missed a tip on this, but someone is using a program that tries to log into my gmail account, about every ten or fifteen minutes. I use the two-step verification, but I'm worried that sooner or later it will be compromised somehow. Plus I keep getting notifications on my phone, 24/7, that someone has "sign-in failed." Other than deleting my email account, is there anything else you suggest? If I do delete my account, will I have problems using other Google functions?

    1. No tips about that, I am unaware of that kind of program. Definitely post int he Gmail Product Forum and someone will be able to try and help you!forum/gmail