[ENDED] Giveaway: (2) 1-Year Subscriptions to NordVPN

(2) 1-Year VPN Subscriptions from NordVPN

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About Scott Greenstone

Google Top Contributor and Mentor; Healthcare IT Professional; https://plus.google.com/+ScottGreenstone


  1. @Scott Pleasure to meet you. Actually I was invited to join the Top Contributor by the Community Manager but first, I have to become a rising star. But then my status doesn't change and I was asked Would I like to be added to the Program? My question is am I supposed to reply to the Community Manager Email or I should wait till it takes effect by itself. As a reminder, I fill out the form by being I'm interested

    1. Congrats on being invited. What product? Definitely email back - dont wait for anything.

    2. Thanks. Blogger in Arabic. You mean I can reply to the Community Manager personally by saying I accept the invitation. Is that how it works? Scott, If there is anything I can do else. I would be glad to be informed. Remember I told you I am not even a rising star yet but about to.

    3. Not much else - you can reply to the email you got

    4. Scott. Actually the invitation was sent to me last week Tuesday and I just reply this week Monday (and my thought is that is late). Am I likely to miss out on the badge? Because I don't see any changes option now, does it take long? Or probably the Community Manager hasn't seen or notice my reply.

    5. There is no time limit that I am aware of for you to respond. The process can sometimes be slow